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Women in STEM Drone education.Australia wide.

Australia loses female talent at every stage of the STEM pipeline despite no innate cognitive gender differences. She Flies is on a mission to address this problem.

Terri Mulqueen

STEM Coordinator, Smithfield State High School

Terri Mulqueen

STEM programs

Drones in school

She Flies is dedicated to improving female participation in STEM. We emphasise real life STEM applications in our programs, linked to the Australian Curriculum.

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Teacher Professional Experiences

For Educators

Teacher Professional Experiences

She Flies offers training and ongoing support to educators to help them bring drones and real life STEM applications into their classroom.

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Community events

Everyone can participate in drones

She Flies certified instructors host drone events throughout Australia and co-founders Karen and Catherine regularly talk at community and corporate events. This gives you the opportunity to participate in our programs outside of your school.

Support our Future

Help Us Create More Change

She Flies is consistently engaged in new initiatives to grow female participation in STEM. With the support of our awesome community, we can take these initiatives to the next level.

Teacher Drone Resources

Every Teacher, Every Student, Engaged in STEM

Teacher Drone Resources

With teachers nurturing the enquiring minds of our future economy, it is only fair that we invest time and resources into supporting them to succeed. As our children develop their digital skills, we believe their teachers need to be similarly equipped.


Why She Flies?

Inspiring women to engage in science, technology, engineering and maths

She Flies generates conversation around gender equality in STEM, using the world of drones to inspire and provide a platform for change to occur. We have 12 inspirational instructors around the country to support you.

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Posted on 18 December 2017

What do selfies and drones have to do with gender equality?

Karen's TEDx talk got released recently.What do selfies and drones have to do with gender equality? Karen has a PhD in Geographical Sciences, her focus was on mapping live coral cover using remote sensing.Her primary area of interest is in creating, applying and automating remote sensing tools…