Women in STEM Growing Australia through better STEM education

Stronger economies

We believe that gender equality in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers builds stronger economies. She Flies generates conversation around gender equality in STEM, using the world of drones to inspire and provide a platform for change to occur. She Flies builds high quality STEM leadership and learning opportunities through drone education.

Dedicated people

Meet our team

We have a diverse core team, passionate about what we do inside and outside of She Flies.

      Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer
      Dr Karen Joyce

Co-Founder & Chief Education Officer Dr Karen Joyce

I love selfies! Not the usual kind that you're probably thinking of, but what I like to call 'Earth Selfies' - pictures taken of the earth by satellites, aircraft, and drones. It's amazing what we can map, measure, and ultimately monitor from above to take care of our environment.

I've also been coaching sport / fitness and teaching for most of my life and I have lots of fun creating new and interactive ways of learning. She Flies constantly challenges me to think how I can make the next activity even more real life, active, and fun.

Karen runs She Flies programs and is a keynote speaker for events. For keynote speaking engagements please contact Saxton Speakers Bureau

      Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer
      Dr Catherine Ball

Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer Dr Catherine Ball

The future of business in the 4th industrial revolution is a topic very close to my heart, and one I hope to see ALL Australians getting involved with regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background. We need everyone to feel more confident with STEM, and even have fun with it. I’m a big believer in “See It to Be It” and have used my recent business award wins to raise the profile of women in the drone and wider tech industry.

I’m most passionate on projects where technology meets humanitarian and environmental issues; from protecting our planet, through to helping people in need. Drones are becoming more prevalent across our day to day lives, and I would like to help people feel more confident with this technology.

I’m currently using my profile, network, and communication & engagement skills, to bring She Flies into the press, media, and corporate worlds.

Catherine is a keynote speaker for events. For keynote speaking engagements please contact Saxton Speakers Bureau

      Chief Strategy Officer
      Paul Mead

Chief Strategy Officer Paul Mead

I believe that the world is a better place when we are challenged through continuous learning. Through my 11 years in the military leading teams around the world and teaching in the Northern Territory it has given me many opportunities. These opportunities have been a mix of making mistakes and achieving incredible success. All learning moments whilst being surrounded by exceptional leaders.

I bring this experience with a passion for excellence to She Flies, to ensure that we achieve our strategic goals. Great leadership and strategy with sound business practices are core to me.

I am also passionate about the sport, recreation, and fitness industry, where I work with projects, clubs and businesses to help them be successful.

      Chief Communications Officer
      Jeremy Fay

Chief Communications Officer Jeremy Fay

I love to chat and help people organise events and activities, especially where people get to have a lot of fun! My communications and events planning background means I have a wide range of experience I can use to make sure we are all well understood and everyone is happy.

I am really happy to have been helping people get so much fun and enjoyment from She Flies and the work we do. I look forward to working with you to secure an amazing set of experiences for you, your school, or your team.

      Events Manager
      Alison Soady

Events Manager Alison Soady

I love taking the big picture and breaking it down into a solid plan! Which is one of the reasons why I have been working in event management for over 13 years.

And when it’s combined with doing work that is meaningful I am really in my happy place.

I enjoy taking care of the details so everyone else can relax and enjoy the event.  

Alison is currently on Maternity Leave until the end of 2018 :-) 

      Chief Testing Officer
      Hamish Mead

Chief Testing Officer Hamish Mead

I love She Flies, I love playing with drones, and I love teaching other kids. I help out my Mum when she teaches all the time and as soon as she lets me, I'm going to be a She Flies Instructor. The best part of my job is that I get to test out all the drones at home, and make sure that they are safe and fun for all the other kids. When I grow up, I want to be a fire fighter.