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Your interest in our programs means a lot!

Honestly, it does. There is a saying that goes - 'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not'. Said by none other than The Lorax!

With only 27% of STEM jobs filled by females in Australia, this is a statistic we care about changing, and with your help we can do just that!

So let's go together and be the ones that care a whole awful lot! 

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Our programs can be tailored for community and corporate events, shows and festivals, council and government events, holiday programs and more.

  1. First, choose your program type and how many you want. See details below.
  2. Then add on the Drone Packs, either loan or buy. Full details below.
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Links to the Australian Curriculum 


Students develop literacy capability by listening to, reading, viewing, speaking and writing oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language for different purposes through drone-related activities.


Activities provide students opportunities to interpret and transfer mathematical knowledge and skills in a range of real-life drone situations.

Critical and creative thinking 

Students are required to think critically and creatively to solve real world problems using drone technology.

ICT capability

Students develop capability in using ICT and emerging drone technologies through creating digital solutions to problems using computational thinking, controlling processes and devices, analysing data and communicating collaboratively with others. Students learn to use ICT and drone technology with confidence and care considering its possibilities, limitations, and its potential impacts.

Personal and Social Capability

Students develop skills to promote a positive sense of self and to build and maintain respectful relationships through teamwork and negotiate and resolve conflicts. Each student is given the opportunity to communicate effectively and develop their own leadership skills. 

Underpinned by core skills

A key part of the She Flies programs is the link to the Australian Curriculum across a wide variety of general capabilities and learning areas, including the digital technologies learning area.

Each activity provides a link to the real and emerging world of technology, adding depth and richness to the student learning.

Our programs are designed by University Academics and qualified teachers. They are continually refined through feedback and reflection from our accredited instructors.

Drone Day Teasers

Our most popular program!

The Drone Day Teaser is our most popular program. Most organisations run at least two Drone Day Teasers in the one day, giving 60 students an amazing experience.

For everyone

One Drone Day Teaser

  • Half day program
  • Up to 30 students

$2,950 + GST

Most popular option

Two Drone Day Teasers

  • One day program
  • Up to 60 students

$4,050 + GST

For everyone

Four Drone Day Teasers

  • Two day program
  • Up to 120 students

$5,600 + GST

Rapid Fire

An experience for the masses!

Our Rapid Fire Program is designed specifically for large public events, giving a huge amount of people an opportunity to learn about drone safety, experience flying a drone and use it for some fun, practical uses.

For everyone

Half Day

  • 3 x 1 hour programs
  • 20 participants per session
  • 60 participants total

$2,950 + GST

Most popular

Full Day

  • 6 x 1 hour programs
  • 20 participants per session
  • 120 participants total

$4,050 + GST

For everyone

Two Days

  • 12 x 1 hour programs
  • 20 participants per session
  • 240 participants total

$5,600 + GST

Note: Some Rapid Fire events may require a second instructor, depending on the time allocated between each program and available support from the host organisation.

Advanced Programs

For those going to the next level

This is a more advanced program. It takes the fundamentals of the Drone Day Teaser and explores the concepts and real life applications in more depth.

Organisations often use this program for those in the community they want to extend.

For everyone

One Fly Away Drone Day

  • One day program
  • Up to 30 students

$4,050 + GST

For everyone

Two Fly Away Drone Days

  • Two x one day programs
  • Up to 60 students

$5,600 + GST

Signature Program

Drone Camps

Our signature program takes in not only flying drones, but also rolling drones, Edison robots, digital storytelling and a whole lot of real life applications.

This is a two day program, with two She Flies Instructors to ensure a high student to instructor ratio is provided. This ensures that whilst much of the learning is student led, that the depth of the learning is immense.

This caters for up to 30 students + adults for two full day programs.

For Everyone

$15,200 + GST

Equipment and Supplies

What we supply

As part of all She Flies community programs, we will supply:

  • An accredited She Flies Instructor.
  • All activity equipment.
  • Additional spare batteries for the drones.
  • Drones and tablets if required (additional cost applies).
  • Eye protection for each participant.
  • Personalised event management support.
  • She Flies High Learning Management access.

What you need to supply

We ask the organisation to supply the following:

  • 10 iPads or tablets.*
  • Drone and accessories pack.*
  • Two to three adults to assist with supervision and learning support.*
  • An appropriate learning space such as an indoor gymnasium or town hall (about a basketball court size).*
  • A projector and sound system with a microphone is a real help.*

*We can supply this equipment at an additional cost for hire or purchase.

Hire or Buy

Drone Packs

Our programs work on 1 drone and tablet per 3 learners. Often organisations add in an additional iPad or tablet for each group to do digital storytelling as part of the experience.

Small Drone Pack

  • Parrot Mambo Drones x 5
  • Spare Batteries x 20
  • Spare Propellors x 3
  • Landing Mats x 5

Loan Only

$300 + GST per day

Loan tablets x 5 included


$1,260 + GST

Large Drone Pack

  • Parrot Mambo Drones x 10
  • Spare Batteries x 30
  • Spare Propellors x 5
  • Landing Mats x 10

Loan Only

$600 + GST per day

Loan tablets x 10 included


$2,320 + GST

Additional Items

Some things are extra

The prices provided on this page do not include items such as:

  • Venue hire - Many groups can access a suitable indoor area about the size of a basketball court.
  • Instructor travel costs - We have instructors around the country, but sometimes not in your town or city. We do travel, a lot! So we can add on travel costs as a disbursement.
  • Catering - Most people just pack a lunch and so do our instructors!