Want to break through to the next level and fly higher?

5 Steps to Flying Higher

Our Flying Higher program is designed to help high potential achievers, just like you, get more confidence, understand how to take an idea from a sideshow, to start up, to started up, whilst being a strategic leader and living your values.

Flying Higher enables you to create the change in the world that you are passionate about, giving you the tools to achieve mastery in the following areas:

  1. Creating your purpose
  2. Building your confidence
  3. Leading your team
  4. Building your influence
  5. Finding freedom with a strategic business
The World is a better place when passionate people come together, learn off each other, inspire each other and hold each other accountable to create change.

Your Mentors and Coaches

Dr Catherine Ball

Catherine is the Chief Engagement Officer for She Flies and is a multi National award winning entrepreneur, with an international reputation as a game changer.

Catherine is passionate about entrepreneurship, especially in the STEM field, and for women.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been" by George Eliot

"Catherine challenged me, not just in a goal setting way, but at a deeper level. She challenged the barriers that I would put up myself, and the reasons why these barriers existed in the first place."

"I will always look back on my mentoring experience with Catherine as a turning point in my life."

Want to break through to the next level and fly higher?

Want to break through to the next level and fly higher?

Paul Mead

Paul is the Chief Strategy Officer for She Flies and a National Award winning leader. Paul has served in the New Zealand Army, leading teams in hotspots around the World. 

Paul is passionate about developing people and seeing them succeed. He invests his time in challenging the status quo in a range of industries and through his own business ventures.

Leaders only have one role in life - to create more leaders!

"Paul takes complex and important issues and puts them into context using real world examples without being too overwhelming."

"So much positive feedback for Paul's time and energy he has put into us and how valuable the information has been for us."