Drone training Design a drone event for your organisation or business

Are you using drone technology?

Drone technology is infiltrating multiple industries with hundreds of applications. Just like the emergence of the iPhone in June 2007, drone technology is changing the way we do business in 2017.

She Flies can design a fun, educational and thought provoking workshop to get your team comfortable with the technology and seed their innovative thinking.

Design a drone event for your organisation or business

An emerging technology that's here to stay

Listen to our co-founder, Dr Catherine Ball talk about the emergence of drones across a range of industries.

Business growth

Drones in the workplace

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) relaxed regulations in 2016 to allow drones under 2kg to be flown without a remote pilot licence.

New applications for drones are being developed across a wide range of industries, ranging from agriculture to filmmaking.

Drones up to


can be flown without a remote pilot licence.

Booming technology

With over 50,000 recreational drone users and 1,000 registered commercial operators, the growth of the use of drones is immense.

The majority of industries are looking at automation and drones form a large part of that. Our co-founders are at the leading edge of using drones for practical application, from mapping the Great Barrier Reef to supporting drone test sites in Outback Australia.

Is your business or organisation ready for it? We can help.

Did you know


is the global market for commercial drone applications in 2017.

Design a drone event for your organisation or business

Your training

Creating your drone day

Know that feeling where your children can drive the technology at home 10x faster than you can?

But also understand that for the survival of your business you need to understand that technology in order to dominate your market!

She Flies creates unique training for businesses and organisations, so you and your team can be comfortable with the technology and understand how it can fit into your service offering and market.

We've created drone training for:

  • Government organisations
  • NGOs
  • Town planners
  • Pastoralists
  • Real estate agents
  • Tourism operators
  • Wildlife rangers

3 easy steps

How it works

Every organisation is unique, and so too should your event. We will personalise your event based on an individual needs analysis done with you. Our team has international experience in academic and corporate environments, ensuring your team is provided with first class education.


Talk to us

Our expert team are standing by to help you create a drone training program that suits the unique requirements of your organisation.


Delivering your drone day

We will match you with a She Flies team member best suited for the outcomes you need. We will supply all the equipment you need and manage the event from start to finish.


Taking action

Our workshops are designed to inspire action after we leave. Inspiring innovation is a core part of what we do.