For Teachers Professional Experiences for School Teachers

Train your staff to teach drones

Many schools run a teacher professional experience before their student drone event. This allows the teachers to better understand the program and how to apply the technology across the curriculum. It also helps them gain confidence in helping the students.

We have had teachers from art, maths, science, technology, PE and library staff attend our professional experience workshops.

Professional Experiences for School Teachers

Why is drone training important for teachers?

Quite simply, it's not! But what IS important, is having teachers who are confident with technology and its applications. And what better way to teach technology than with a hands on approach using something that people really enjoy doing - flying!

About our professional experience training

We can cater for up to 30 teachers per session. We find that each school is different in how they want to implement the technology in their curriculum after our program, so we are happy to tailor it to your needs.

Therefore we will discuss your requirements to ensure that the teachers will be best supported. In the past, we have run the following types of programs:

  • A teacher only Drone Day Teaser.
  • A teacher workshop on how to bring drone technology into the school across all curriculum areas.
  • Providing advice to schools and State Departments on implementing drone programs.

Ready to go?

Our friendly team are standing by to answer your questions and to help design and book a teacher professional experience session at your school.