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Our Programs

Where to start

The best place to start is to understand how many students you would like to get through and then understand your budget.

We have schools that fully fund the program themselves, ask for a parent contribution or apply for grants. We are willing to help you out with information to give to parents or provide you wording for grant applications too.

Choose a program

Explore our programs below and choose between:

  • Drone Day Teaser
  • Fly Away Drone Day
  • Drone Camp
  • Rapid Fire

Drone Day Teasers

Our most popular program!

The Drone Day Teaser is our most popular program. Most schools run at least two Drone Day Teasers in the one day, giving 60 students an amazing experience.

Education Pricing

One Drone Day Teaser

  • Half day program
  • One, 2.5 hour session
  • Up to 30 students

$1,750 + GST

= $58 + GST per student

Most popular option

Two Drone Day Teasers

  • One day program
  • Two, 2.5 hour sessions
  • Up to 60 students

$2,745 + GST

= $46 + GST per student

Education Pricing

Four Drone Day Teasers

  • Two day program
  • Four, 2.5 hour sessions
  • Up to 120 students

$3,500 + GST

= $29 + GST per student

Advanced Programs

For those going to the next level

This is a more advanced program. It takes the fundamentals of the Drone Day Teaser and explores the concepts and real life applications in more depth.

Schools often use this program for their STEM extension classes.

Education Pricing

One Fly Away Drone Day

  • One day program
  • One, 5 hour session
  • Up to 30 students

$2,745 + GST

= $92 + GST per student

Education Pricing

Two Fly Away Drone Days

  • Two x one day programs
  • Two, 5 hour sessions
  • Up to 60 students

$3,500 + GST

= $58 + GST per student

Signature Program

Drone Camps

Our signature program takes in not only flying drones, but also rolling drones, Edison robots, digital storytelling and a whole lot of real life applications.

This is a two day program, with two She Flies Instructors to ensure a high student to instructor ratio is provided. This ensures that whilst much of the learning is student led, that the depth of the learning is immense.

This caters for up to 30 students + teachers for two full day programs.

Education Pricing

$8,200 + GST


For those that just want a taste

This is a short program for schools to run for multiple year levels.

Due to our purpose and vision of creating capacity in the participants, rather than just being a 'cool activity', we will only run this program for schools that also invest in a Teacher PD and our resources to implement an ongoing program within the curriculum.

Education Pricing

One Rapid Fire

  • One day program
  • Up to four, 75 minute sessions.
  • Up to 30 students per session.

$2,900 + GST

= $XX + GST per student