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Back to the Classroom

How do I take this back into my teaching?

This is a question we get asked a lot! And as qualified teachers and academics, we understand the need to link learning opportunities back to the curriculum and to real life situations.

So we have done three things:

  1. Designed our programs and mapped them against the Australian Curriculum and the Digital Technologies Learning Area.
  2. Developed a Teacher Professional Experience so that teachers, librarians and school officers are comfortable with the technology and are ahead of the students!
  3. Developed teacher resource packs to support the learning back in the classroom. These have been designed by qualified and practicing teachers and are provided to every school who runs one of our programs.

Links to the Australian Curriculum 


Students develop literacy capability by listening to, reading, viewing, speaking and writing oral, print, visual and digital texts, and using and modifying language for different purposes through drone-related activities.


Activities provide students opportunities to interpret and transfer mathematical knowledge and skills in a range of real-life drone situations.

Critical and creative thinking 

Students are required to think critically and creatively to solve real world problems using drone technology.

ICT capability

Students develop capability in using ICT and emerging drone technologies through creating digital solutions to problems using computational thinking, controlling processes and devices, analysing data and communicating collaboratively with others. Students learn to use ICT and drone technology with confidence and care considering its possibilities, limitations, and its potential impacts.

Personal and Social Capability

Students develop skills to promote a positive sense of self and to build and maintain respectful relationships through teamwork and negotiate and resolve conflicts. Each student is given the opportunity to communicate effectively and develop their own leadership skills. 

Underpinned by core skills

A key part of the She Flies programs is the link to the Australian Curriculum across a wide variety of general capabilities and learning areas, including the digital technologies learning area.

Each activity provides a link to the real and emerging world of technology, adding depth and richness to the student learning.

Our programs are designed by University Academics and qualified teachers. They are continually refined through feedback and reflection from our accredited instructors.

Teacher Professional Experience

  • A 2 1/2 hour program
  • Up to 30 teachers

Education Pricing

$2,050 + GST

= $68 + GST per teacher (based on 30 teachers)

Professional Experience

Take it back to the classroom

Many schools run a Teacher Professional Experience before their student drone event. This allows the teachers to better understand the program and how to apply the technology across the curriculum. It also helps them gain confidence in helping the students.

We often get asked ... is drone training important for teachers?

Quite simply, it's not! But what IS important, is having teachers who are confident with technology and its applications. And what better way to teach technology than with a hands on approach using something that people really enjoy doing - flying!

A Teacher Professional Experience can also replace a Drone Day Teaser program, so you could do one student Drone Day Teaser and one Teacher Professional Experience in the same day.