For Schools Getting Organised Step 4

The Fun Stuff!

What equipment do we need?

We provide choices to the schools in regards to the equipment. Some schools like to buy the equipment so they can integrate the learning back into the classroom after the program (our recommendation). Others like to hire the equipment from us and make a choice later about purchase.

Our program uses the Parrot Mambo drones.

Make some choices about resources

  • There are some things that we ask each school to supply. Please make sure you can supply these things (list below).
  • Choose whether you want to buy or loan equipment.

Equipment and Supplies

What we supply

As part of all She Flies school programs, we will supply:

  • An accredited She Flies Instructor.
  • All activity equipment.
  • Additional spare batteries for the drones.
  • Drones and tablets if required (additional cost applies).
  • Eye protection for each participant.
  • Personalised event management support.
  • She Flies High Learning Management access.

What you need to supply

We ask the school to supply the following:

  • 10 iPads or tablets.*
  • Classroom drone and accessories pack.*
  • At least one teacher, classroom aide or support staff to assist with supervision and learning support.
  • An appropriate learning space such as an indoor gymnasium or performing arts area (about a basketball court size).
  • A projector and sound system with a microphone is a real help.

*We can supply this equipment at an additional cost for hire or purchase.

Hire or Buy

Drone Packs

Our programs work on 1 drone and tablet per 3 learners. Often schools add in an additional iPad or tablet for each group to do digital storytelling as part of the experience.

Loan Pack

  • 10 x Parrot Mambo Drones
  • 10 x Tablets
  • Spare Batteries
  • Spare Propellors
  • Landing Mats

Loan Only

$300 + GST per 1/2 day (one Drone Day Teaser)


We have She Flies Approved Class Packs available for purchase.


If you decide to loan our drones first and then order a class pack within two weeks of your program being held, we will take 50% of your hire fee off the class pack purchase price. Just put #2week50% in the order form details.

Additional Items

Some things are extra

The prices provided on this page do not include items such as:

  • Venue hire - Most schools have a suitable indoor area about the size of a basketball court.
  • Instructor travel costs - We have instructors around the country, but sometimes not in your town or city. We do travel, a lot! So we can add on travel costs as a disbursement.
  • Catering - Most kids just pack a lunch and so do our instructors!